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Mexican National Anthropology Museum





Original report (clickable) of the bold, reckless theft
of the Anthropology Museum in 1985, above.
Below, a summary article, printed years later.





The Aztec Obsidian Monkey Jar.
Black market value? 20 Million.


Guilt and crime


The humiliating theft

"Poverty and constant misery was caused by European contamination.

Foreign habits, traditions, religion and blood,
those were the culprits; they’d ruined everything. If only
traditional Mexico could be recovered, the reasoning went,
if a way could be found back to how things used to be, then
the old joy, power, wealth and prestige, they’d come back too."




Finally, a more...volitile version of the seed idea
that a fundamental identity exists and intrinsically
holds rights, especially terrotorial ones.
This is a good depiction of the forces
the humiliator seeks to exploit.


To the Museum

A walk around the Anthropology Museum

Betrayal and death



The exit

The sacred cenote at Chichen Itza


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22The Death Mask

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Doing the work of imperialism in Juárez, Mexico

How to hire corrupt police officers in Mexico

Marina, Anderson

The burning

How to escape someone following you in Mexico City

How to pay a mordida in Mexico
The smallest instrument of imperialism

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A part of the truth about a part of Marina
Suspecting an imperialism
Unbearable hatred in the newspaper
Why is Anderson in Mexico?
Cutting hands
Survival tip for Mexico City
Simple fraud
Humiliation in Tlascala
Humiliation today?
The moment Anderson and Marina begin to understand

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The next step
Cholula, past and present
The party, the massacre
The weirdness and death of Montezuma
Montezuma’s death re-created
The powerful riddle
Worrisome visit
Foreign policy

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Building the Cathedral
Media empire
Going to church
The edible and empire
EC in the end

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Guilt and crime
The humiliating theft
To the Museum
Betrayal and death
The exit

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After the Museum