Publisher: Overflow
Imprint: Overflow
Title: Empire of Humiliation
Author: James Jens Brusseau
ISBN-10: 0980056780
ISBN-13: 9780980056785
Pages: 332
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Some novels touch a nerve, then there’s Empire of Humiliation drilling through the molar, no Novocain.

-William Kinney, Consul


Brusseau answers at a stroke questions filling books for others (What is imperialism, patriotism, post-nationalism, etc.)…but what brings this novel of ideas alive is the fast plot and local details. Instructions for bribing away a Mexican speeding ticket, an international get-rich-quick plan, some intelligent artifact forgery scams, they’re good rewards along the way of a truly important story. A vital book for these days. Cosmopolitan and world-class in every sense. Highest Recommendation.

-Lines//Líneas University of the Americas, Mexico


Empire of Humiliation is intelligent and rewarding, the depiction of Mexico City spot-on, the pacing fast, the human-angle of the story intriguing. The novel stands in line with an expertly-written contemporary thriller, [but] what sets it apart are the keen insights into how humiliation, shame and inferiority really work on people, its psychological depth.

-Midwest Book Review


Valuable ideas, rare talent.

-Profesora Rosa Beltrán, author of Alta infidelidad and La corte de los ilusos


Agile, penetrating and imaginative, an exceptionally strong writer.

-Professor Alphonse Lingis, author of Excesses
and Foreign Bodies


A movie jumps right out know no matter what you do the book is going to be so much better.

-Producer Sami Chaib